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Produced by

The PepTides

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Director: Emma Ferrante
Music: Claude Marquis
Lyrics: Claude Marquis
Playwright: Scott Irving


Factory Mainspace Theatre


August 7th, 2015 – August 16th, 2015


Deep. Dark. Danceable! And delivered with stunning pop panache. In the spirit of “doomsday meets jazz hands”, larger-than-life art band The PepTides serves up an arrestingly provocative collection of musical numbers from their acclaimed companion albums LOVE QUESTION MARK and FOR THOSE WHO HATE HUMAN INTERACTION. Using the sounds and imagery of SCIENCEreligionSEXmoneyMEDICINEwar, the nine-member ensemble critically unpacks some of humanity’s most instinctive yet perplexing impulses. In dazzling five-part harmony. With a four-piece band.

Tragedy. Industry! Prehistory? Interwoven with the musical numbers is a series of loosely connected dramatic sketches portraying civilization in its tragicomic unravelling: A precocious girl on a visit to the eye doctor. An alarmingly seductive pharmaceutical company. A retired primatologist with a primordial insight. The question at the heart of LOVE+HATE is “Something seems dreadfully wrong on this planet—could it be us?” And so we are taken on a musical journey into avant-guardedly existential territory—but never without a touch of humour and irony, dahhhling.

“[The PepTides] defy any genre or description. One must simply see them to believe them.” MuchMoreMusic (


Olexandrea Pruchnicky Performer
Andrew Burns Performer
Claude Marquis Performer
Alex Wickham Performer
Scott Irving Performer
DeeDee Butters Performer
Rebecca Noelle Performer
Dale Waterman Performer
Juan Miguel Gomez Montant Performer

Creative Team

Emma Ferrante Director
Claude Marquis Music
Claude Marquis Lyrics
Scott Irving Playwright
Seth Gerry Lighting Designer
DeeDee Butters Costume Designer


Matt Hertendy Stage Manager
Marilena Gaudio Production Manager