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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the Toronto Theatre Database?
For the answer to that, why don’t you check out our about page?

Why Toronto? Why only Toronto?
All of the TTDb staff currently live in Toronto. It’s the theatre scene that we’re familiar with, so if we were going to choose any city, Toronto would be it. As for why we only cover Toronto, the answer comes down to time and money. There simply isn’t enough time in the day for us to cover every theatrical production ever done, despite how awesome that would be.

We certainly encourage other cities to start up their own database sites, and would look forward to partnerships in the future.

Will you ever do other cities?
We would love to! However, if that is going to happen, it is definitely a number of years down the road.

Who are you?
We have an introduction to all of the TTDb staff on the about page, why don’t you check it out?

Are you going to do community theatre? Dance shows? Installation art? Interpretive gymnastics?
The very short answer is no. The much longer answer is that we would really love to, but once more it comes down to time and money. To start with, the site is going to concentrate on one thing, and that is professional plays performed in Toronto. There is always wiggle room, but we have to draw the line somewhere.

My page is missing a bunch of my credits. Can I just send you my resume and have you update it?
The way that TTDb operates is that we enter a show, and then the credit appears on your page. We are trying to avoid doing it the other way, because then if someone went to a show that hadn’t been entered yet, but was listed on your personal page, it would look like you were the only person who worked on the show. So, the best way to add credits to your page is to e-mail us a copy of the program of the show you were in.

I have boxes and boxes of programs. Can I just mail them to you?
We do love programs! That said, we have very little storage space, so the best way would be to scan the programs and e-mail them to us.

I’m a photographer, and you have a photo on the site that you don’t credit me on!
Many of our photos are pulled from the internet and other archives. Though we have tried to credit the photographer where there is attribution, many photos are missing that info. Tell us which pictures are yours and we’ll definitely credit you. Also, if you just don’t want your photo on the site, we will certainly remove it.

Can I use all of the info on the site for my business/project/book/show?
Material on the site is to be used solely for the purpose of research or private study. Any use for any other purpose may require the authorization of the copyright owners.

I was in this really bad show once… could you not mention that I was in it?
Unfortunately, here at the Toronto Theatre Database, our goal is accuracy. We are trying to recreate a record of what actually happened. And that includes listing that bad show you were in once, and mentioning that you were in it. We need people who come to the site to trust that the information on it is accurate and complete. It’s okay, everyone does a bad show once and awhile, don’t let it get you down.