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Artword Theatre

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Address Information:
166 Prospect Street S.,
Hamilton ON L8M 2Z4

The Artword Theatre was located in downtown Toronto from 1999-2006, at 75 Portland Street. Originally seating 150 in their main space and 60 at the Artword Alternative, this theatre focused on ensemble pieces incorporating music and text based visuals. Sadly in 2006 the Artword closed its doors in Toronto and moved its self into metaphorical “storage” for a time as they searched for a new direction. Now located in Hamilton Ontario, the Artword and the Artword Gallery, are under the direction of Ronald Weihs and Judith Sandiford at 166 Prospect Street S.¬†The founders of Artword,¬†Ronald Weihs and Judith Sandiford were awarded a joint Harold Award, May 12, 2003 while at the Hamilton location.

Recent and Upcoming Productions

The Gambler January 26th, 2006 – February 19th, 2006