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Welcome to The Toronto Theatre Database

The Toronto Theatre Database is an online project, dedicated to the recording and preservation of the production histories and performance dates of Toronto’s professional theatrical productions. It is a hub through which professionals and fans of the Toronto theatre community can explore Toronto’s theatre past, present and future.

Toronto produces hundreds of theatrical productions every year, and those shows are at risk of being forgotten as time passes. The Toronto Theatre Database catalogues and preserves Toronto’s rich theatre history, and as new shows are announced and staged, TTDb will document them. Though there are some online archives of Toronto productions, none are easily accessible to the public, or as complete as TTDb aims to be. Patrons can explore the work and background of the Toronto theatre community, and those who work in the community have a resource that details their roots and connections.

Currently Running

  • The Wrong Bashir (May 21st, 2024 – June 9th, 2024)
  • SIX (September 23rd, 2023 – May 26th, 2024)