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Argentan Heart

Argentan Heart is a Toronto based theatre and new media production company. We are officially launching in July with our production of “Fuck Shakespeare”.

I’ve been asked a bunch of times where the name “Argentan Heart” came from. The truth is that it’s a story.  I heard it a couple years ago when I was in a small town in the north of France.

The story is about a young woman who had taken a vow before god not to love any man save one with a pure heart; and the boy who fell in love with her. After being repeatedly rejected, the boy went to the silver market, Argentan, and begged an old craftsman to make him a perfect silver heart.  The craftsman forged a beautiful heart that beat just like a flesh one, but he warned the boy that though the heart was perfect, the boy was not and a metal organ would not sustain him.  The boy refused to listen.

In the end, the boy’s body was sent back to his village where it was cremated. All that was left of the boy was ashes and the perfect Argentan heart. When the woman saw the heart, she knew the boy had given her the one thing she had wanted more than anything else; she had fallen in love with a man with a pure heart.

The town I was in was Argentan, named after the silver market.   Is the story true?  I don’t know.  Was it a shameless bid to get me to buy souvenirs? Almost certainly.  Can I find a record of the story anywhere else?  No.  According to Wikipedia, the story doesn’t exist, and, in our world today, that means it isn’t real.  Perhaps that’s the reason why I named the company after it.



Produced by Argentan Heart

Fuck Shakespeare July 4th, 2013 – July 14th, 2013