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Ask & Imagine

Director: Judy Steers

Ask & Imagine is an experiential University-based leadership development program at the intersection of faith and culture.

Presented by the Huron University College Faculty of Theology – a Christian Seminary in London, Ontario – the program provides an unparalleled opportunity for participants (Ask & Imagine Scholars) to be formed in ways of thinking, reflecting and living theologically.

It equips participants with ways of examining their own faith tradition, and finding ways to discuss and articulate it in dialogue with those from their faith tradition, other faith traditions, and those of no particular faith.

Throughout the program, Ask & Imagine Scholars are accompanied by a team of carefully selected mentors, taught by University professors and live on the beautiful campus of Huron University College, a Christian seminary in London, Ontario.



Produced by Ask & Imagine

Roots Among the Rocks August 18th, 2010 – August 18th, 2010

Current Staff

Judy Steers Director
Jenny Salisbury Assistant Director