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Aurora Productions



President: Gene O’Donovan

Aurora Productions is a Production Management and Technical Supervision Company serving the entertainment industry specializing in the Broadway, Off Broadway and touring theater productions. Since 1993, Aurora has supervised over 170 Broadway and Off Broadway shows, associated tours, as well as international productions in London’s West End, Europe and Australia.



Current Staff

Gene O’Donovan President (1993 - President)
Ben Heller Vice President (2003 - Present)
Chris Minnick Production Coordinator (2013 - Present)
Anita Shah Production Manager
Anthony Jusino Production Manager
Jarid Sumner Production Manager (2009 - Present)
Liza Luxenberg Production Manager (2009 - Present)
Rachel London Intern
David Cook Intern
Bridget Van Dyke Intern
Melissa Mazdra Accounts Manager (2002 - Present)
Cat Nelson