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BeMe Theatre



BeMe Theatre is a Munich-based professional English-language theatre company. We concentrate on producing theatre which is cutting-edge and cross-cultural, outward- and forward-looking. We use international texts, guest artists, design and developmental processes which cross borders both culturally and artistically.

BeMe Theatre endeavours to create a permanent theatre in Munich which debuts important international contemporary work new to our audience and explores provocative ideas through the telling of stories; stories which spotlight humanity, politics, and history- the ingredients, affecting human life right in this moment; the elements, shaping and molding our modern society.

BeMe Theatre was founded in 2005 in Barcelona, Spain where they produced two highly acclaimed theatrical productions before being invited in 2006 to perform at the Dramatic Arts Centre in Shanghai, China. In 2007, they continued their travel, this time to Munich, Germany, where they performed for sold-out houses. Founding member Elisa Moolecherry later joined forces with Managing Director Felix Leicher, relocatedthe company to the beautiful city of Munich, and together with an international team of artists continue to produce exciting, high-quality English-language theatre.



Produced by BeMe Theatre

A Beautiful View February 27th, 2014 – March 9th, 2014

Current Staff

Felix Leicher Managing Director
Elisa Moolecherry Artistic Director