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El Destino Productions

Artistic Director: Carol Cece Anderson

The mandate of this company is to produce work that doesn’t necessarily fit into any easily definable mold. We want to provide off-the-beaten path artists with the opportunity to collaborate with other talented and committed artists – some well known, some from different disciplines – on work which will explore our shared humanity, through a fusion of voices, and offer new reflections of Canada in the 21st century.

As we shouldn’t have to change the kind of artists we are in order to do creative work,¬†
El Destino Productions¬†will be a company that shifts shapes and creative personnel with each new project. A company which will strive to match sensibility to work. A company where creativity will be honoured and respected, and where we can create work which speaks to our own personal truths. Work not limited by (or to) our own race, sex, gender, politics, blah, etc., blah, etc., blah. Work that’s neither snobbishly exclusive, nor patronizingly inclusive.

There is no such thing as colour blind casting. No one is blind to anyone’s colour. So, rather than pretend we are, we will produce work that speaks to our shared humanity in the face of our ever evolving, colliding, co-mingling, sometimes cruel, sometimes poetic, potentially inspiring, differences. Work that comes from the kind of confidence and commitment that trusts it will find its audience, and knows it will trust the audience it finds. Work that is unafraid to use poetry, beauty, emotions, and simplicity to tell sometimes dark human stories. Stories that explore both the fusion, and collision of intersecting myths, cultures, races, traditions, and histories that is contemporary Canada.



Produced by El Destino Productions

Swan Song of Maria January 5th, 2011 – January 26th, 2011

Current Staff

Carol Cece Anderson Artistic Director