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Mi Casa Theatre



Artistic Director: Emily Pearlman

Artistic Director: Nicolas Di Gaetano

Mi Casa has been making work based out of Ottawa since 2009. Headed by Emily Pearlman and Nicolas DiGaetano,  we make performance that is maybe theatre, maybe music, but certainly live.

Blending experience in physically devised work rooted in cabaret, circus and vaudeville with contemporary approaches to interdisciplinary collaboration, Mi Casa creates new work out of disparate vocabularies. Throughout our process, play, listening, bad jokes, impulse, and wonder remain central values.



Produced by Mi Casa Theatre

Countries Shaped Like Stars August 5th, 2010 – August 15th, 2010

Current Staff

Emily Pearlman Co-Artistic Director
Nicolas Di Gaetano Co-Artistic Director
Patrick Gauthier Artistic Associate