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Selfconscious Productions

Co-Director: Michael Rubenfeld

Co-Director: Sarah Garton Stanley

Selfconscious is a performance company that was established in 2008 as a merger between two separate theatre companies: Die in Debt and Absit Omen Theatre. It began because Sarah Garton Stanley and Michael Rubenfeld really liked spending time with each other and making work together. They also both share the belief that other people and being alive are both very confusing. They think that this is probably why they get along so well and also why they both remain interested in using the theatre as a place to explore how hard it is to do and be the things they most want to do and be. But they also believe that it is possible. So they keep trying. (


Current Staff

Michael Rubenfeld Co-Director (2008-)
Sarah Garton Stanley Co-Director (2008-)
Sue Balint Producer

Former staff

Caitlin Weld Associate Producer (2017)
Judith Snow Associate Artist