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We dream. We start with something that inspires us – an image, a text, a piece of music, etc.

We explore. Using a common working language, we play and follow our impulses. We draw from and make use of collective brainstorms and ideas.

We discover. Where does our fun come from and how does it translate to the stage? What is it that makes us want to tell our stories? We probe the recesses of our brains – the tender, the dark, the grotesque, the absurd – in an effort to find something new and exciting.

We develop. We run our characters, scenarios and stories through the grinder. We dissect and reassemble our ideas and instincts. We re-evaluate and re-tool.
We create. We make productions that use, first and foremost, our talents as actors, directors, designers, puppeteers and choreographers. We bring in co-conspirators – like minded artists who help us, challenge us and enrich our work. We make theatre that is spontaneous, engaging and full of life.

We do not have a method. Each and every show is a brand new discovery.


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Produced by Theatrophy

Moribund June 27th, 2008