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T.Y.T. Theatre

T.Y.T. Theatre is comprised of an ever-changing and evolving group of talented creators and entrepreneurs whose backgrounds vary from creative writing, production, design, business, ethics, marketing, directing, teaching and more.


We welcome individuals of all backgrounds regardless of their physical, social, cultural, educational background or gender identity and encourage absolutely anyone interested in developing their work in the arts to contact us.

As a leader in unique Theatre for Young Audiences; we believe all shows should be as entertaining and engaging as they are educational. We explore themes of empathy in all of our programming and encourage an open dialogue between children and their parents after every show during our meet and greets. The cast and crew of all our productions is always striving for authenticity and to inspire a new generation’s love for live theatre. (



The Wychwood Theatre

Produced by T.Y.T. Theatre

Cinderella December 14th, 2019 – January 5th, 2020