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ZOU Theatre Company

Artistic Director: Viktor Lukawski

ZOU is an international theatre company, led by Artistic Director Viktor Lukawski.

The company name is an exclamation borrowed from the French: “Allez! Zou!” (“Off with you! Onwards!”)

We take this word to heart as an impulse to create, to move forward, to never remain stagnant. We are dedicated to: the development and production of original, captivating words for international audiences. We create works that are urgent and relevant; that reflect our cultures and climates; that challenge and provoke the audience; and that seamlessly weave between pathos and humour, between order and chaos. Our works are developed through the joy of playing and movement.



Produced by ZOU Theatre Company

Business as Usual April 17th, 2014 – May 18th, 2014

Current Staff

Viktor Lukawski Artistic Director