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2018: A Sex Odyssey ()

Produced by

Theresa Ramirez Productions

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Theresa Ramirez
Director: Theresa Ramirez


St. Vladimir’s Theatre


July 4th, 2018 – July 15th, 2018


A group of six twenty-somethings are stuck together on a spaceship on route to populate the planet Mars, due to the near total destruction of planet Earth as a direct result of human caused climate change and the wars that ensued. Still, no one really cares about climate change.

Set in 2018, but a different, post-sex, post-Earth 2018, A Sex Odyssey examines our current lives within our social bubbles, reality TV, sex and relationships – alongside a backdrop of the Earth rapidly falling apart. (


Samara Stern Miranda
Wilfred Lee Scott
Brian Millward Zac
Demetria Sherman Emma
Kennedy Thompson Art
Alex Clay Dave

Creative Team

Theresa Ramirez Playwright
Theresa Ramirez Director
Mike Pereira Projection Designer
Emma Doyle Costume Designer
Paul McEachern Original Soundtrack


Jess Henderson Stage Manager