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A Damn Fine Nite of Actors ()

Produced by

Monday Nite Actors and The Junes Company

Playwright: William Shakespeare and Chris Owens and Ted Atherton and Allan Cooke and Sarah Michelle Brown and Mark Forler and Michael Ripley and Andrew Faiz
Directors: Ted Atherton and Chris Owens and Allan Cooke and Sarah Michelle Brown and Michael Ripley and Andrew Faiz


The Storefront Theatre


October 16th, 2014 – October 20th, 2013


New Short Plays by very talented writers, mixed with cabaret entertainment, and performed by some of Toronto’s highest calibre acting talent. 
It’s what places like the Storefront Theatre is made for. (Show Facebook Event)


Ted Atherton Man
Adele Gigantes Woman
Courtney Deelen Claire
Patricia Casey Lillian
Jillian Rees-Brown Olga
Joan Gregson Estelle
Allan Cooke Ken
Michael Ripley Hank
Carl Bauer Bar Owner
Ash Catherwood Grim Reaper
Victoria Murdoch Sally
Shawn Lawrence Gerald
Chris Owens Ted
Chelsey Marie Cass
Nicole Maroon Trish
Dan Fox Josh
Kristian Truelsen Samuel

Creative Team

William Shakespeare Playwright ("Henry V", "As You Like It")
Chris Owens Playwright ("Daytime in Moose Jaw")
Ted Atherton Playwright ("Shine")
Allan Cooke Playwright ("Cheat and Snoop")
Sarah Michelle Brown Playwright ("Near Life Experiences")
Mark Forler Playwright ("Father and Son")
Michael Ripley Playwright ("Lunch with Cassiopeia")
Andrew Faiz Playwright ("Polonius at Play")
Ted Atherton Director ("Shine")
Chris Owens Director ("Daytime in Moosejaw")
Allan Cooke Director ("Cheat and Snoop")
Sarah Michelle Brown Director ("Near Life Experiences")
Michael Ripley Director ("Lunch with Cassiopeia")
Andrew Faiz Director ("Polonius at Play")


Adele Gigantes Singer
Jim Codrington Saxophone
Norman Nurmi Keyboard


Andrew Faiz Executive Producer
Andy Fraser Producer
Michael Ripley Producer
Stephen Jackson Sound / Lighting Operator