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A Life Beyond Doubt ()

Produced by

Tomorrow’s Eve Theatre

Playwright: Carol Libman
Director: Lindi G. Papoff


Sterling Studio Theatre


March 6th, 2014 – March 15th, 2014


 As past and future meld into the present, the lives of six people are woven together by the threads of life, loss and the ever constant power of memory….while each one struggles with questions of love, joy, good food and hockey versus Scrabble. (


Reva Lawry Mum
Janna Erichsen Elizabeth
Michael Man Kevin
Shel Goldstein Marge
Alan Lee Tom
Mishka Thébaud Mickey

Creative Team

Carol Libman Playwright
Lindi G. Papoff Director
Kendra Terpenning Set Designer
Kendra Terpenning Costume Designer
Laura Johnson-Sheratt Lighting Designer
Edward Cortejos Assistant Lighting Designer
Lindi G. Papoff Dramaturge


Dana Paul Stage Manager
Edward Cortejos Light and Sound Technician
Sid Clark Production Assistant
Martin Teasdale Photographer
Martin Teasdale Website
Ken MacDonald Graphic Designer
Dougal Haggart Graphic Designer
Sandra Schneider Catering