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Abigail’s Party ()

Produced by

Precisely Peter Productions

Playwright: Mike Leigh
Director: John Shooter


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


April 22nd, 2014 – May 10th, 2014


England 1977. The Queen is celebrating her Silver Jubilee, the punk movement is in full swing, and somewhere in suburban Essex, a group of neighbours are getting ready for a little party!

As the drinks flow, so do the insults, as the hostess from hell humiliates, seduces and dominates her guests (and her husband) before the evening reaches its shocking climax! (


Anna Hardwick Beverly
Dylan Roberts Lawrence
Cody Ray Thompson Tony
Claire Burns Angela
Astrid Van Wieren Sue

Creative Team

Mike Leigh Playwright
John Shooter Director
George Quan Set Designer
Amanda Wong Associate Set Designer
Amanda Wong Costumes
Sadie Johnston Assistant Costumes
Joseph Patrick Lighting Designer
Aaron Bernstein Sound Designer
Teresa Young Hair and Make-up


Andrew Brodkin Production Manager
Virginia Cardinal Stage Manager
Laura Lakatosh Assistant Stage Manager
Libby MacEachern Publicity
Daniel Natrianni Video
Daniel Natrianni Photography


Christopher Ross Venue Technician