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An Evening in July ()

Produced by

The Templeton Philharmonic

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Creators: Briana Templeton and Gwynne Phillips




St. George the Martyr Anglican Church – Courtyard


August 6th, 2015 – August 16th, 2015


An Evening in July is an immersive, site-specific, dark comedy that transforms the garden and parish hall of St. George the Martyr Anglican Church (also known as The Music Gallery) into the strange and lavish home of eccentric sisters May and June  as they prepare to host the garden party of their dreams. Inspired by the cult documentary Grey Gardens and Helene de Rothschild’s 1972 Surrealist Ball, An Evening in July gives audience members a chance to attend their surreal fete as guests. (


Briana Templeton May
Gwynne Phillips June
Thom Stoneman Robert

Creative Team

Briana Templeton Creator
Gwynne Phillips Creator
Briana Templeton Set Designer
Briana Templeton Art Director
Gwynne Phillips Set Designer
Gwynne Phillips Art Director
Fraser Goulding Additional Production Design
Fraser Goulding Lighting


Vanessa K. Purdy Stage Manager
Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll Sound Technician
Fraser Goulding Graphic Designer
Julia Krauss Stage Assistant
Heather Gilroy Stage Assistant
Emily Kellog Stage Assistant
Mila Pierotti Stage Assistant
Sara Patterson Stage Assistant
Briana Templeton Producer
Gwynne Phillips Producer
Thom Stoneman Associate Producer
Vanessa K. Purdy Associate Producer