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And What Alice Found There ()

Produced by

Stranger Theatre

Playwright: Kate Cayley
Director: Kate Cayley


The Great Hall Black Box Theatre


January 23rd, 2007 – February 4th, 2007


And What Alice Found There brings to life Lewis Carroll’s writing of Alice in Wonderland, the real Alice, and the world in which they lived. Using a mixture of sources from Carroll’s two famous novels, letters and other writings, we begin with a sunny day on the river and travel to far darker places. The story examines childhood, love, and the nature of creation. Alice Liddell’s journey through Victorian times mirrors Alice in Wonderland’s journey through the hallucinatory landscape of her author’s imagination, where nothing is as it seems. (


Simone Rosenberg Alice 1
Christina Serra Alice 2
Sarah Cormier Alice 3
Lea Ambros Puppeteer
Sarah Klein Puppeteer

Creative Team

Kate Cayley Playwright
Kate Cayley Director
Simone Rosenberg Video
Adrienne Connelly Video
Simone Rosenberg Costumes
Lea Ambros Puppet Design
Kate Cayley Puppet Design
Lea Ambros Set Designer
Lea Ambros Lighting Designer


Claire Calnan Projectionist
Lea Ambros Puppet Builder
Kate Cayley Puppet Builder
Michelle Ramsay Technical Assistance
Kilby Smith-McGregor Poster Design