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ASMRtist ()

Produced by

Alma Matters and Pink Door Productions

Creator: Sarah Marchand
Playwrights: Sarah Marchand and Matt Jones
Director: Chelsea Dab Hilke


The Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse


September 7th, 2017 – September 16th, 2017


Bell Angele has a simple quest: to fall asleep peacefully. But before she can, two fairies from ASMRland are here to reveal and repair the dark corners of her brain. ASMRtist uses Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response to bring audiences together to explore the stimuli that make our skin tingle and our minds race. (Show Facebook Event)


Amanda Cordner Tingle Bell
En Lai Mah Trigger Bell
Sarah Marchand Bell Angele

Creative Team

Sarah Marchand Creator
Sarah Marchand Playwright
Matt Jones Playwright
Chelsea Dab Hilke Director
Matt Jones Dramaturge
Rion Chow Set Designer
Rion Chow Projection Designer
Chin Palipane Lighting Designer
Sara Vargas Nessi Costume Designer
Sara Vargas Nessi Prop Designer
Sam Earle Sound Designer
Marko Cindric Sound Designer


Eunji Lee Stage Manager
Micah Champagne Production Manager
Taras Lavren Videographer
Chelsea Dab Hilke Producer
Sarah Marchand Producer
Laura Philipps Associate Producer
Paul Salvatori Rehearsal/Media Photographer
Andrew Johnson Poster Image