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Ayelen ()

Produced by

Fiya Bruxa

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwright: Gilda Monreal
Director: Gilda Monreal


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


August 6th, 2015 – August 11th, 2015


Featuring an all-star team of internationally acclaimed performers and artists, Ayelen brings together the world of theatre and visual art to create a love story on stage, where spirits, animals, dreams and magic unite to tell a mythological story of sufferance and peace.

This story takes place in an unnamed land, any land, governed by corruption and absolute power. Where genocide has dictated the survival of a select few, the only means to remain alive is complicity with violence, from which no one is safe. Here an eagle spirit named Ayelen must enter the depths of a mining cave to rescue her great love, and in doing so she must face the violence and power entrenched within these dark tunnels. Her perseverance will lead her to a den of iniquity where a desolate wasteland of lost souls will attempt to steal her essence, her truth and her life. In the confusion of love and betrayal, her assassination is ordered, and it is in this darkness that she is born again. Ayelen’s relentless perse- verance will transform the mining caves forevermore. In a world of magical realism, where animals and spirits breathe this story into life, Ayelen’s journey echoes a familiar struggle seen in places around the world where mining exploitation exists. (


Ximena Huizi Ayelen
Manuel Rodriguez Saenz El
Marcelo Arroyo Kemé
Lido Pimienta Trayenkö

Creative Team

Gilda Monreal Playwright
Gilda Monreal Director
Rosa Laborde Dramaturge
Shalak Attack Set Designer
Shalak Attack Costume Designer
Bruno Smoky Set Designer
Bruno Smoky Costume Designer
André Du Toit Lighting Designer
Brandon Miguel Valdivia Music Production
Shalak Attack Sound Production
Ale Monreal Sound Production


Solange Ribeiro Stage Manager
Rodrigo Ardiles Layout Design


Rebecca Vandevelde Venue Technician
Jacqueline Costa Venue Technician
Christopher Ross Venue Technician
Christopher Ross Festival Lighting Designer