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Baggage ()

Produced by

The Pulang Maleta Collective

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Christine Mangosing
Directors: Karen Ancheta and Aura Carcueva and Reese Baguio and Darrel Gamotin and Marie Beath Badian


Kapisanan Philippine Centre


July 2nd, 2008 – July 13th, 2008


In the beginning there was shame. Now there is baggage. Weigh it. Tag it. Lose it. Claim it. Five short plays converge on a journey to find what’s inside each of their characters’ baggage and if they’re lucky…what’s behind it. (


Leon Aureus Richmond
Reese Baguio Rachel
Aura Carcueva Lily
Rose Cortez Cherry Pie
Alex Felipe Father
Vincent Galvez Chester
Darrel Gamotin Jacksey / Manuel
Jessica Leibgott Ashley
Elizabeth Lofranco Selena
Caroline Mangosing Eden
Christine Mangosing Abigail
Andrea Mapili Tita Cindy
Regina Simon Mother
Michelle Turingan Alex

Creative Team

Christine Mangosing Playwright ("Claim Your Baggage")
Karen Ancheta Director ("Claim Your Baggage" / "Maria" / "Touch" )
Aura Carcueva Playwright ("Maria")
Reese Baguio Playwright ("Touch")
Darrel Gamotin Playwright ("Not My Exotic")
Marie Beath Badian Director ("Not My Exotic" / "The Edge of Family")
Vincent Galvez Playwright ("The Edge of Family")
Andrea Mapili Choreographer
Michelle Turingan Music ("Last Chance")
Michelle Turingan Lyrics ("Last Chance")


Reese Baguio Executive Producer
Aura Carcueva Producer
Vincent Galvez Producer
Darrel Gamotin Producer
Christine Mangosing Producer
Karyl A. Agana Stage Manager
Bea Palanca Assistant Stage Manager
Bea Palanca Publicist
Isabela Palanca Associate Producer
Daryl Anne Panganiban Stage Technician