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Produced by

Gears Theatre Company

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Co-Creators: Nate Iwanochko and Billy Keefer and Grace Lamarche


Streetcar Crowsnest – The Guloien Theatre


July 6th, 2022 – July 16th, 2022


BIRTH was created by 3 George Brown Theatre School Students in September of 2021. The show began as a 10 minute theatrical commentary/surreal manifestation of struggling with personal identity and since has grown into a 3 act play that explores the essence of humanity, human connection and the forces that sway the evolving human mind through life. (


Dave Autar Robert / Obadiah
Lucy Ellis Stranger / Earth / Wort
Billy Keefer Jupitor / Wort
Grace Lamarche Pluto
Mya Leworthy Clara
Sully Nash Saturn

Creative Team

Nate Iwanochko Co-Creator
Billy Keefer Co-Creator
Grace Lamarche Co-Creator
Nate Iwanochko Composer
Brooke Logie Costume Designer
Brooke Logie Prop Designer


Brooke Logie Stage Manager