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Blackbird ()

Produced by


Playwright: David Harrower
Director: David Ferry


Artscape Youngplace – Gold Studio (107)


December 2nd, 2014, 2014


December 3rd, 2014 – December 11th, 2014

Awards & Nominations

2015 Toronto Theatre Critics Award Winner РBest Actor in a Play (David Ferry)


Two people who once had a passionate affair meet again fifteen years later. Ray is confronted with his past when Una arrives unannounced at his office. Guilt, rage, and raw emotions run high as they recollect their relationship when she was twelve and he was forty. Without any moral judgments, the play never shies away from the brutal, shattering truth of the abandoned and unconventional love. Ray, fifty-six, after years in prison and subsequent hardships, has a new identity and has made a new life for himself, thinking that he could no longer be found. Una, twenty-seven, had thought of nothing else, and on finding a photo of him, sets out to find Ray. She is looking for answers not vengeance. Nevertheless, the consequences are shattering. (


Sarah Booth Una
David Ferry Ray / Peter
Brielle Robillard Helen
Nina Taylor Girl (Home Movie)
Brad Austin Boy (Home Movie)
Sugith Varughese Surveillance Monitor Actor

Creative Team

David Harrower Playwright
David Ferry Director
Mikaela Davies Associate Director
Gavin Michael Booth Film Footage Diractor
David Ferry Lighting Designer
David Ferry Production Designer


Meredith Henry Stage Manager
Sean Kaufmann Assistant Stage Manager
Karl Werleman Assistant Stage Manager
Gavin Michael Booth All Things Electronic
Gavin Michael Booth Film Footage Editor
Trevor Hayes Stand-in Actor
Alejandra Simmons Stand-in Actor