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Blast from the Past Presents: One Night Only ()

Produced by

One-Eyed Duck Recording and Publishing

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Creator: Susan Debreceni
Directors: Justine Cargo and Susan Debreceni


Aki Studio


July 7th, 2022 – July 16th, 2022


Do you still have that tattered teddy bear you carried around everywhere, that work of art which adorned the fridge, or that super secret diary you poured all your teenage angst into? Blast From the Past presents… One Night Only, breathes new life into these cherished items we once held so dear.

Inspired by childhood show-and-tell, we journey back in time to when life was simpler. For one night only, real-life stories are shared on stage by a new engaging storyteller each night, and then reimagined into a completely unscripted improv comedy by some of Toronto’s best comedians. (


Adil Dhalla-Kim Storyteller
Elaine Gold Storyteller
Franco Nguyen Storyteller
Alia Ceniza Rasul Storyteller
Jada Rifkin Storyteller
Rico Rodriguez Storyteller
Patricia Silver Storyteller
Rosh Abdullah Featured Cast
Janet Davidson Featured Cast
Chantal Lim Featured Cast
Quentin Matheson Featured Cast
Candace Meeks Featured Cast
Leigh Cameron Special Guest
Alison Haines Special Guest
Isaac Kessler Special Guest
Chelsea Larkin Special Guest
Lloydie James Lloyd Special Guest
John Richardson Special Guest
Susan Debreceni Host

Creative Team

Susan Debreceni Concept
Justine Cargo Director
Susan Debreceni Director
Aaron DeSousa Composer
Justine Cargo Set Designer


Justine Cargo Stage Manager
Patricia Silver Producer
Whitney Torres Web Designer
John Meadows Photography
Kate McLellan Production Assistant