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Blindsided ()

Produced by

Fée Fatale

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwright: Sabrina Reeves
Director: Matt Holland


Pia Bouman: Scotiabank Studio Theatre


August 7th, 2014 – August 17th, 2014


Blindsided is a one-person show married to a film installation that reveals an extreme disproportion between an enormity of content and a minuscule amount of time, proposing that a single moment of trauma can create an instantaneous opening in the psyche for the recollection of a past trauma and in so doing fracture the self into distinct parts.

A woman is biking to work when she is hit by a car. The impact that devastates her body also fractures her mind. As her body hits the pavement, her mind is sent reeling back in time to the summer of her tenth year. Large-scale film projections are layered with live performance to create a double-exposure where the past is immediate, and the present is fast dissolving.  (


Sabrina Reeves Performer
Coco Usher Young Haley (film / voiceover)
Jake O’Connor-Cassar Young Declan (film)
Oliver Woodall Sam (film / voiceover)
Sabrina Reeves Grammy (film)
Jillian Rebekah Cameron German Film Star (film)
Jessica Hill Girl #1 (film)
Kayleigh Choiniere Girl #2 (film)
Arielle Palik Girl #3 (film)
Ezra Fama de Smit Guy #1 (film)
Cedrick Roy Guy #2 (film)
Lucie Vigneault Paramedic #1 (film)
Paskal Perrault Paramedic #2 (film)
Matt Holland WAAF Announcer (voiceover)
Sarah Bradeen Anne Sheffield / Young Declan (voiceover)
Margaret Mcbrearty Paramedic #1 (voiceover)
Jacques Poulin-Denis Paramedic #2 (voiceover)

Creative Team

Sabrina Reeves Playwright
Matt Holland Director
Paolo Santos Cinematography / Editing
Lucie Bélanger Video Installation
Jacques Poulin-Denis Sound Designer
Marilène Bastian Costume Designer
Marilène Bastian Set Designer
Jane Heller Additional Cinematography
David Smith Additional Cinematography
Carol Prieur Movement Coach
Tony Chong Movement Coach
Anana Rydvald Character Coaching


Fabienne Lucet Pianist


Lisa Humber Stage Manager
Cecilia Lawe Production Assistant
Tina Hilgers German Translation


Joseph Patrick Venue Technician
Joseph Patrick Festival Lighting Designer
Andrew Brodkin Venue Technician