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Blue ()

Produced by

Cloud 9 Co-op

Playwright: Romeo Ciolfi
Director: Jane Miller


The Village Playhouse


June 17th, 2008 – June 21st, 2008


34-year old Joel has lived his entire life at home while his older brother Adam established himself as a successful motivational speaker and little sister Gloria pursued a degree in journalism, scoring straight A’s. Now gathered at Joel’s recently purchased cottage, Gloria and Adam attempt to unravel the mystery behind the critical and financial success of Joel’s first novel. The three battle over their personal versions of their collective past. (


Mike Lummis Joel
Bryn McAuley Gloria
Richard Peters Adam

Creative Team

Romeo Ciolfi Playwright
Jane Miller Director
Dave Nicholson Lighting Designer
Corrie Logan Sound
Jane Miller Set Designer


Jennifer Bardeggia Musician


Waleed Ansari Stage Manager
Waleed Ansari Lighting Operator
David Crawford Production Assistant
David Crawford Front of House
Romeo Ciolfi Box Office
Romeo Ciolfi Blue Poster and Studio Speranza Art Work