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Boeing Boeing ()

Produced by

Rogue Theatre Company

Playwright: Marc Camoletti
Translators: Beverley Cross and Francis Evans
Director: Jeremy Hutton


Common Good Studio


March 28th, 2012 – April 8th, 2012


The farce opens with Bernard bidding his American-stewardess-fiancée goodbye. When his old friend Robert arrives unexpectedly for a visit, the truth comes out that Bernard has not one fiancée, but in fact three, and that they are all stewardesses for different international airlines. Hilarity, chaos, and romance ensues. (Boeing Boeing Facebook Event)


Brooke Morgan Gretchen
Diana Bentley Gabriella
Kelly McCormack Gloria
Eleanor Hewlings Berthe
Tim Walker Robert
John Fray Bernard

Creative Team

Marc Camoletti Playwright
Beverley Cross Translator
Francis Evans Translator
Jeremy Hutton Director
Carter West Assistant Director
Melissa Joakim Lighting Designer
Jason Pooley Set Designer
Gord Hyland Sound Designer
S.J. Thiessen Costume Designer


Suzie Balogh Production Manager
Heather Bellingham Stage Manager