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Boston Marriage ()

Produced by

Campbell House and Headstrong Collective

Playwright: David Mamet
Director: Kelli Fox


Campbell House


April 7th - 8th, 2015


April 7th, 2015 – April 26th, 2015


A seduction of words, Boston Marriage invites us into a world of innuendo, biting comedy, and Mamet’s sharp dialogue. Living together on the fringe of society’s elite in the 1890s, Anna and Claire, with their beleaguered maid Catherine, attempt to arrange a “vile” assignation with a respectable young lady. With their precarious lifestyle about to be stripped away, they are compelled to embrace the true nature of love. (


Catherine McNally Anna
Deborah Drakeford Claire
Charlotte Dennis Catherine the Maid

Creative Team

David Mamet Playwright
Kelli Fox Director
Laura Gardner Set Designer
Laura Gardner Costume Designer
Christopher Stanton Musical Arrangements


Lucy McPhee Stage Manager
Suzanne Vanstone Publicist
Bonnie Anderson Photographer
Bonnie Anderson Videographer
Catherine McNally Executive Producer
Melanie Hrymak Producer
Leslie McBay Producer