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Byhalia, Mississippi ()

Produced by

Cue6 Productions

Playwright: Evan Linder
Director: Jillian Harper


The Storefront Theatre


January 8th, 2016 – January 22nd, 2016


Jim and Laurel Parker are about to become new parents. They are broke. They are loud. They are “proud white trash”. When Laurel finally gives birth to their overdue child, she and Jim are faced with the biggest challenge of their lives: their baby boy is black, the result of Laurel’s affair the previous year. The lives of their families and friends are thrown into turmoil in Byhalia, Mississippi, a town with a racially-charged past that still very much affects its present. (


Joshua Browne Jim
Kyra Harper Celeste
Virgilia Griffith Ayesha
Mazin Elsadig Karl
Claire Armstrong Laurel

Creative Team

Evan Linder Playwright
Jillian Harper Director
Simon Rossiter Lighting Designer
Jeremy Hutton Sound Designer
Christine Groom Set Designer
Holly Lloyd Costume Designer


Tamara Protic Stage Manager