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Produced by

POV Productions and Third Wheel Theatre Co.

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Henrique Santsper
Director: Henrique Santsper


The Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre – The Al Green Theatre


July 4th, 2024 – July 14th, 2024


We want the truth, nothing but the truth…but are you sure you know it? CANCELLED! is a show that shines light on the exposing nature of cancel culture, engaging and challenging the audience as mere bystanders. Chad wakes up in a trial to find himself in a trial for crimes he didn’t commit. Or did he?

The voice of Truth given to the people, brought by the people, claimed by the people, fins the accused…Guilty. Will you? (


Henrique Santsper Chad
Shayna Burns River
Cassandra Sinnaeve Lily
Jona Villa Ines
Jordan M. Burns Ash

Creative Team

Henrique Santsper Playwright
Henrique Santsper Director
Ayra Sancae Dramaturge
Francheska Libao Designer


Francheska Libao Stage Manager
Henrique Santsper Producer
Shayna Burns Producer
Jordan M. Burns Producer
Soka Lazara Publicist
Soka Lazara Outreach
Ayra Sancae Poster Design