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Cin-DAH-rella! ()

Produced by

Kwetu Theatre Arts Co.

Creator: Vanessa Jev
Director: Vanessa Jev


The George Ignatieff Theatre


July 21st, 2022 – July 23rd, 2022


This isnt no regular-degular, once upon a time in a far away land This is, Cin-DAH-rella! An African retelling taking place in a modern west African city, with a little bit of Toronto thrown in for good measure. Cindahrella follows our beloved Cindy as she comes to realize that sometimes, family can come in the form of our friends, and that first impressions are not always what they seem. Our story tells a tale of sisterhood, community, and how making the scary choice to step away from what is expected and choosing our own paths can ultimately lead us to our destiny. (


Jessica Bentu Cinderella
Nathaniel Fray-Smith Narrathor
Jermal Lamar Narrator
Jemane Kent Narrator
Liz Adjei Khadija
Magdalene Ohikere Ivere
Claudia Hamilton Ivere
Precious Ofoeziea Ayisha
Sasha L. Henry Nneka
Anita Baah Leila
Anyika Mark Amara
Lance Dioubaté Dami / Prince Charming
Adrian Leckie Themba
Topé Do Kojo
Paula Chalokwu Ada
Arnaldo “DOLOTHEGIFTED” Lavres Kayode
Siarra Burke-Smith Nika
Anastasia De Lyon Lehana

Creative Team

Vanessa Jev Creator
Vanessa Jev Director
Lisean “Sasha” Henry Music Director
Darla Deigratia Lighting Designer


Lisean “Sasha” Henry Producer
Celeste Nema Producer
Brunelle Kama Producer
Elysse Shirley Stage Manager