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Cine Monstro ()

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Playwright: Daniel MacIvor
Translator: Barbara Duvivier and Enrique Diaz
Directors: Marcio Abreu and Enrique Diaz

Curated by: Why Not Theatre


The Theatre Centre – Franco Boni Theatre


February 12th, 2015 – February 14th, 2015


Brazilian actor and director Enrique Diaz performs in a critically acclaimed adaptation of Daniel MacIvor’s “Monster”. Alone on stage, Diaz transforms himself into a series of MacIvor’s characters whose lives seem eerily related. There’s the young boy who tells the story of the neighbour lad who hacked up his father in the basement. There are alcoholic Al and whiny Janine, the lovers who quarrel, make up, and decide to marry after seeing a movie about a lad who…well, same thing. There’s the ex-drunk who dreamed up the movie, but got no credit because he was said to have stolen the idea from a famous unfinished film, a claim that so angered him that he went back on the sauce. And there’s the movie maker who made that incomplete epic. Cine Monstro represents a rare opportunity to see Canadian theatre through a different lens. (


Marcio Abreu Performer

Creative Team

Daniel MacIvor Playwright
Barbara Duvivier Translator
Enrique Diaz Translator
Marcio Abreu Director
Enrique Diaz Direction Collaboration
Maneco Quindere Lighting Designer
Lucas Marcier Music Design
Simone Mina Set Designer
Batman Zavareze Video Designer
Nathalie Melot Video Designer
Keli Freitas Direction Assistant


Ton Dutra Stage Manager
Neck Vilanona Lighting Operator
Lucas Marcier Video Operator
Henrique Mariano Tour Manager
Henrique Mariano Producer
Enrique Diaz Producer
Ton Dutra Assistant Producer