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Cirqular ()

Produced by

Artichoke Heart Collective

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Creators: Michelle Urbano and Tijiki Morris
Director: Tijiki Morris


Tarragon Theatre – Extra Space


July 3rd, 2014 – July 13th, 2014


A new puppetry piece inspired by the tension between biological impulses and the rigidity of the clock. Set
in a world where mechanical time appears to govern every breath, the characters struggle between keeping their dreams alive and the inevitability of death. This story is told without formal language. Movement, music and sound carry the narrative. (Toronto Fringe Program, 2014).


Aisha Bentham Puppeteer
Talia DelCogliano Puppeteer
Michelle Urbano Puppeteer

Creative Team

Michelle Urbano Concept
Tijiki Morris Concept
Tijiki Morris Director
Sam Bergmann-Good Sound Designer
Sam Bergmann-Good Lighting Designer


Kristina Abbondanza Production Stage Manager
Michelle Urbano Producer
Marcus Sampaio Graphic Designer