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Cowboy Mouth ()

Produced by

Crow & Coyote Co.

Playwrights: Sam Shepard and Patti Smith
Director: Benjamin Blais


The Assembly Theatre


July 25th, 2018 – July 28th, 2018


In a rundown El Paso Texas motel, Cavale has kidnapped Slim at gunpoint with a dream to elevate this vagabond coyote into the Saviour of Rock & Roll. Slim, seduced by Cavales vision, abandons his wife, his life and child. Together, they seek salvation in the only religion they got, Rock & Roll, they need a saviour: “a saviour with a Cowboy Mouth. (


Owen Carrier Slim
Mara Da Costa Reis Cavale
Tynomi Banks Lobster Man

Creative Team

Sam Shepard Playwright
Patti Smith Playwright
Benjamin Blais Director
Marina Patterson Costume Designer


Marvin Araneta Stage Manager
Marvin Araneta Producer
Nate Wolfe Illustrator
Nate Wolfe Graphic Designer