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Cut Up ()

Produced by

Poison Cathedral Productions

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwrights: Keagan Moore and James Kenny


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


June 29th, 2016 – July 10th, 2016


The script is written on lined paper. We are drinking beer in a pizza place that shouldn’t be serving it. “It’s a show about being hung over; my whole life is between breakfasts,” states James. Keagan corrects him: “it’s a love story, but not really; a surrealist comedy that explores the evolution of the 20th Century.” I take a sip of my beer. I’m worried. (


James Kenny Performer
Keagan Moore Performer

Creative Team

Keagan Moore Playwright
James Kenny Playwright
Jordan Laffrenier Dramaturge
Julian Bulof Lighting Designer


Elio Legault Stage Manager
Jordan Laffrenier Producer
Joseph Ianni Marketing
Joseph Ianni Publicity


Rebecca Vandevelde Venue Technician
Christopher Ross Venue Technician
Ellen MacKay Swing Technician
Christopher Ross Festival Lighting Designer