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Dario et la Diablesse: A Caribbean Musical ()

Produced by

Bellemoune Théâtre Troupe Inc

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Book: Sasky Louison
Lyrics: Sasky Louison
Music: Darryl Joseph-Dennie
Director: Ava Cummings


The Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre – The Al Green Theatre


June 30th, 2016 – July 10th, 2016


The infamous Caribbean mythical creature la Diablesse known for her beauty, seductive ways and her hoof instead of a foot, goes against her nature and falls in love with a young Dario. Dario’s mother will do anything to protect her son, the devil will do anything to get Dario’s soul and la Diablesse will do anything to make Dario her “soul” mate. (


Kimya Hypolite Lia / Lillith
Troy Crossfield Ron / Dario
Ed Robinson Devil
Sashoya Simpson The Griot
Tarick Glancy Danny
Sacha Stewart Sheila
Sasky Louison Ma Theresa
Miriam Graham MacNeill Mother
Jeremy Hernandez Dancer
Amy Holden Dancer
Zara Jestadt God
Chi-Chi Onuah Melissa
Kimberly Ross Miss Mavis
Sarah Shewaye Krystal

Creative Team

Sasky Louison Book
Sasky Louison Lyrics
Darryl Joseph-Dennie Score
Ava Cummings Director
Darryl Joseph-Dennie Musical Director


Darryl Joseph-Dennie 1st Keyboard
Omar Martin Guitar
David Richards Drums
David MacLean Bass Guitar
Jesse Ryan 2nd Keyboard / Saxophone


Sasky Louison Producer


Peter Fehlhaber Venue Technician
Jake Roels Venue Technician