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Deceitful Above All Things ()

Produced by

Favour the Brave Collective and The Storefront Arts Initiative

Playwright: Genevieve Adam
Director: Tanya Rintoul


Factory Studio Theatre


February 16th, 2017 – February 26th, 2017


A dark and sexy historical romance that examines the tale through the unique perspective of history’s oft forgotten voices: women and First Nations Peoples. Set in 1667 Quebec, Deceitful Above All Things, is not the Canadian history of your grade seven textbook.  (


Genevieve Adam Anne Bilodeau
Imogen Grace Marguerite Perron
Madeleine Donohue Mme. Etienne
John Fitzgerald Jay Father François
Joelle Peters Catherine
Brian Bisson Amable Bilodeau
Garret C. Smith Toussaint Langlois

Creative Team

Genevieve Adam Playwright
Tanya Rintoul Director
Nancy Perrin Set Designer
Nancy Perrin Prop Designer
Logan Cracknell Lighting Designer
Adriana Bogaard Costume Designer
Deanna H. Choi Sound Designer


Kathleen Jones Stage Manager
Genevieve Adam Producer
Carlo Vitelli Storefront Producer
Carlo Vitelli Production Associate


Sebastian Quinn Hoodless Venue Technician