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Dinner with Goebbels

Dinner with Goebbels ()

Produced by

Act2 Studio Works

Playwright: Mark Leith
Director: Les Porter


Red Sandcastle Theatre


January 25th, 2013 – January 27th, 2013


A highly charged political satire, Dinner With Goebbels, is about an imagined dinner among three historical figures; Edward Bernays, the American nephew of  Dr. Sigmund Freud, who created the field of public relations; and his two disciples, Dr. Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda and Karl Rove, the PR mastermind for the Bush administration.   The play raises a number of disturbing questions concerning the human mythology of evil, the modern marketing of warfare and the implications of these questions for us all. (


Sandra Forte Karl Rove
Catherine Shilton Edward Bernays
Mary Wildridge Joseph Goebbels

Creative Team

Mark Leith Playwright
Les Porter Director
Vrenia Ivonoffski Dramaturge
Beverley Gray Set Designer
Beverley Gray Costume Designer
Marcia Stentz Assistant Designer


Rhonda Leith Stage Manager
Kay Randewich Production Manager
Veronica White Publicist
Concette Guccione Publicist
Mary Ann Neville Ad Sales
Roman Jagla Program Design
Lynda Dounmani Program Co-ordinator
Linda Gibson Front of House Manager


Susan Ginsberg Front of House Helper
Sandra Globerman Front of House Helper
Nora McKay Front of House Helper
Joan Morson Front of House Helper
Rick Sutton Front of House Helper
Joan Willingham Front of House Helper