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Don’t Wake Me ()

Produced by

UnSpun Theatre

Presented by

Next Stage Theatre Festival

Creators: Brendan Gall and Chris Hanratty and Kate Hewlett and Mike McPhaden and Christopher Stanton
Director: Chris Hanratty


Factory Mainspace Theatre


January 2nd, 2008 – January 13th, 2008


James, the victim of a mysterious and vicious attack has lost his vision. His days are long and cloaked in a drab, all-encompassing grey. But one night, the world of his dreams opens into a wild and beautiful vista. His dreamscape becomes a world filled with sex, with adventure, with hope – with a thrilling chance to see again. (2008 Next Stage Festival Program)


John Cleland Performer
Kate Hewlett Performer
Christopher Stanton Performer

Creative Team

Brendan Gall Creator
Chris Hanratty Creator
Kate Hewlett Creator
Mike McPhaden Creator
Christopher Stanton Creator
Chris Hanratty Director
Brendan Gall Assistant Director
Mike McPhaden Dramaturge
Christopher Stanton Sound Designer
Chris Hanratty Sound Designer


Marianna Rosato Stage Manager