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Doubt: A Parable ()

Produced by

Breaking & Entering Theatre

Playwright: John Patrick Shanley
Director: Stewart Arnott


The Church of the Holy Trinity


October 26th, 2022 – November 13th, 2022


Though the play is set in 1964 and written almost two decades ago, DOUBT’s relevance can not be denied. Looking at the issues that have taken up our hearts and minds in the last two years; the Catholic church’s involvement in Residential School and child abuse scandals, racial reckoning, class struggle, the value of women… is it any wonder we all have doubt? Doubt in our leaders, doubt in our faith, doubt in ourselves. And we have been left to deal with this doubt on our own as we remained in Covid isolation. But now, we can face these doubts, head on. Together. (


Brian Bisson Father Flynn
Deborah Drakeford Sister Aloysius
Emma Nelles Sister James
Kim Nelson Mrs. Muller

Creative Team

John Patrick Shanley Playwright
Stewart Arnott Director
Lara Berry Costume Designer
Gareth Crew Lighting Designer
Stewart Arnott Sound Designer
Jack Considine Sound Designer
James Dallas Smith Sound Designer


Meghan Specht Stage Manager
Brian Bisson Producer
Emma Campbell Producer
David Hoekstra Props
John Rubino Props