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Duel of Ages ()

Produced by

True Edge Productions

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Director: Todd Campbell


Factory Mainspace Theatre


July 5th, 2007 – July 15th, 2007


Duel of Ages invites you to explore the legacy of personal combat through six short plays and fight scenes, choreographed by some of Toronto’s most talented fight directors and actor-combatants. (2007 Toronto Fringe Festival Program)


Chris Mott Caizo / Errol Flynn
Daniel Levinson Jarnac
Michael Dufays Châtaigneraye / Crazy Ninja Death Squad
Kevin Robinson Herald / Gentleman 3 / Crazy Ninja Death Squad
David McCormick King François I / Gentleman 1 / Big Bad
Stuart Constable Attendant 1 / Henry III / Crazy Ninja Death Squad
Scott Leaver Attendant 2 / King's Guard / Dancer 5
Michael Finkbeiner Attendant 3 / Poor 2 / Dancer 1 / Crazy Ninja Death Squad
Scott Emerson Moyle Attendant 4 / Maugiron / Martin W. Horne
Andrew MacMaster D'Entragues / Roberts
Todd Campbell Quelus / Dooley
M. John Kennedy Riberac / Matthews
Matt Richardson Schomberg / Healey / Crazy Ninja Death Squad
Craig McDermott Livarot / Crazy Ninja Death Squad
Siobhan Richardson Poor 1 / Dancer 4 / One
Andrea Lui Poor 3 / Dancer 2 /Crazy Ninja Death Squad
Casey Hudecki Maupin / Crazy Ninja Death Squad
Christian Feliciano Gentleman 2 / Crazy Ninja Death Squad
Tammy Nera Dancer 6 / Make-up Girl / Crazy Ninja Death Squad
Laura Miyata Lady
Brian Brockenshire Basil Rathbone
Laura Miyata Ellie Powers
Byron Rouse Narrator

Creative Team

Todd Campbell Director
Denis McGrath Playwright ("Le Coup")
Dean Gabourie Director ("Le Coup" / "The Pistoleers")
Kevin Robinson Fight Director ("Le Coup")
Michael Rubenfeld Playwright ("Le Duel des Mignons")
Michael Rubenfeld Director ("Le Duel des Mignons")
Todd Campbell Fight Director ("Le Duel des Mignons" / "La Maupin" / "One")
Matt Richardson Additional Choreography ("Le Duel des Mignons")
Todd Campbell Creator ("La Maupin" / "One")
Todd Campbell Director ("La Maupin")
Mike McPhaden Playwright ("The Pistoleers")
Gregg Taylor Playwright ("Egos and Idols")
Gregg Taylor Director ("Egos and Idols")
Daniel Levinson Fight Director ("Egos and Idols")
Simon Fon Martial Arts Advisor
Kirsten Gundlack-Levinson Narration Writer
Gregg Taylor Sound Designer
Siobhan Richardson Costume Designer
Kirsten Gundlack-Levinson Assistant Costume Designer
Casey Hudecki Lighting Designer


Anikó Kaszás Stage Manager
Nicole Rodrigues Press Photography
Brent Smith Promotions & Multimedia
Todd Campbell Producer
Casey Hudecki Producer
Scott Emerson Moyle Producer