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Duppy in the House ()

Produced by

Marvin Ishmael Theatre Productions and We Are One Theatre

Playwright: Marvin Ishmael


Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace


September 20th, 2007 – October 14th, 2007


Set in Jamaica, the play focuses on the relationship between Seefus  and Doris. When Seefus forgets their wedding anniversary and spends the night with the boys in the company of the opposite sex, Doris vows to get her revenge. She does so with a vengeance. A visiting Indian soldier, searching for the island’s leading Obeah man knocks on the door and opportunity enters. Doris sees double opportunity, one to make some money to pay her bills and the other to make her two timing husband pay for his ways. She sells her husband as the island’s best Obeah man, with one hitch, that he will only agree to be an obeah man if he is beaten. (


Alma James Doris
Henry King Cosmos Gomez Seefus
Cara Ricketts Tyra
Ian Jutsun Mahatma / Rafeek
Marvin Ishmael Mahatma / Rafeek (At Select Performances)

Creative Team

Marvin Ishmael Playwright
Marvin Ishmael Director
Glenn Davidson Sets
Matthew Pochwalowski Sets
Raha Javanfar Lighting Designer
Mark Ishmael Costumes


Yvette Martin Stage Manager