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Echoes ()

Produced by

Omnika In Motion

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival


Factory Mainspace Theatre


July 4th, 2018 – July 14th, 2018


Omnika In Motion’s newest work Echoes is a theatrical multidisciplinary dance show which explores the theme of the shadow self. Through the denial and concealment of our own raw emotions, they grow into something harmful. As we bury these deeper within ourselves, we ultimately deny our own tumultuous human nature. What happens when we deny our shadows? How can we integrate them in a meaningful, healthy way? We explore how this affects us in our ability to connect with others and our own genuine identities through dance, aerials, and shadow play. (


Alex Papaconstantinou Performer
Isabella Jade Performer
Nikki Mae Performer
Rowynn Lloyd Performer

Creative Team

Megan Veaudry Costume Designer


Amanda Bullick Photography
Maia Anstey Photography