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Edward the “Crazy Man” ()

Produced by

Workman Arts

Playwright: Emil Sher
Director: Leah Cherniak


Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace


April 28th, 2011 – May 14th, 2011


The play Edward the “Crazy Man” delivers a powerful and hopeful message about the power of friendship to build bridges between people. It explores the story of a twelve‐year old boy named Charlie, and his friendship with a homeless man with schizophrenia by the name of Edward – referred to by people around him as the “crazy man”. The very fact that this play is called Edward the “Crazy Man” immediately plunges us into the world of stigma, where a person with mental health problems has been labeled. In getting to know the “crazy man”, Charlie learns that Edward is a real person – not a label, a stereotype, a social outcast – but a person with feelings, a name, a story, past successes, creativity and imagination, and the ability to care. (


John Cleland Edward
Olaf Sham Charlie
Faeghan Williams Abby & Trisha
Charles Revored-Couto Lewis & Nicky

Creative Team

Emil Sher Playwright
Leah Cherniak Director
Victoria Wallace Set Designer
Victoria Wallace Costume Designer
Thomas Ryder Payne Sound Designer
Glenn Davidson Lighting Designer


Thomas Ryder Payne Composer


Glenn Davidson Production Manager
Charlene Saroyan Stage Manager
Jamie Papa Assistant Stage Manager
Erika Connor Head of Wardrobe
Dr. Kwame McKenzie Script Consultant
Dr. Jorge Sony Script Consultant
Lisa Brown Producer
Mike Twamley Associate Producer