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Erotic Tales from the Old Testament ()

Produced by

Inque & Quille Productions

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Matti Bee and Sean Luke Van Wert
Directors: Matti Bee and Sean Luke Van Wert


St. George the Martyr Anglican Church – Courtyard


July 4th, 2013 – July 6th, 2013


The bible is never a dull read. It abounds with scenes of warrior queens and concubines, of smitten stepfathers and falls from grace. While the focus tends to be on the divine, scripture is at its most sublime when it deals with themes of human love and eroticism. For the first time ever, these stories will be brought to life in an outdoor burlesque show. (


Kaira Grape Girl Sultana
Ceyda Turan Grape Girl Paloma
Ghazaleh Rastgar Grape Girl Severine
Opal Penney Grape Girl Ash
Emily Schooley Lilith (narrator)
Lucky Minx Lilith (burlesque performer)
Kage Wolfe Adam
Saint Stella Eve
Erin Reece Hagar (Vocalist)
Genie Emerald Yael
Mysterion Balaam the Seer
Heather Labonté Salome

Creative Team

Matti Bee Playwright
Sean Luke Van Wert Playwright
Matti Bee Director
Sean Luke Van Wert Director


Jaimie McClyment Violinist
Kyle Carlos Guitarist
Maccie Paquette Percussion / Pianist


Matti Bee Producer
Sean Luke Van Wert Producer
Álvaro Girón Sound Engineer
Diana Cadavid Sound Engineer
Álvaro Girón Light Engineer
Diana Cadavid Light Engineer
Ghazaleh Rastgar Photographer
Ghazaleh Rastgar Marketing Consultant
Opal Penney Intern