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Ether ()

Produced by

White Mills Theatre Co.

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Brendee Green
Directors: Brandon White and Shannon Mills


The Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse


July 4th, 2019 – July 13th, 2019


Stranded in the unknown space between life and death, a shocking secret has come to light. Join the cast of ‘Ether’ on an unsettling journey from this realm into the beyond, where past mistakes come back to haunt us. In a room with no entrances or exits, the characters must navigate the defining moments of their lives, but can they outrun their shame forever? Exploring the relationship between morality and the afterlife, ‘Ether’ unites an unlikely group of women to confront the betrayal and inaction that may have cost them their lives. Perhaps they can brave this limbo together. (


Esther Vlessing Indigo
Breanna Maloney Charlotte
Cassie Davidson Paisley
Jonathan Widdifield Kristoff
Felicia Valenti Myssie
Ella Mazur Mrs. Bellwood
Brandon White Keiran
Brendee Green Indigo (July 6th)

Creative Team

Brendee Green Playwright
Brandon White Director
Shannon Mills Director
Chin Palipane Lighting Designer
Brandon White Set Designer
Christie Del Monte Costume Designer
Brandon White Assistant Costume Designer
ARi Lyon Sound Designer


Shannon Mills Stage Manager
Brendee Green Acting Coach
Brandon White Producer
Shannon Mills Producer
Ella Mazur Illustrator
Daniel Tofach Sound Technician
Daniel Tofach Stagehand
William Ford Marketing Manager
William Ford Public Relations Specialist