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False Start ()

Produced by

Green Box Theatre Company

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Nicole Hrgetic
Director: Mani Eustis


St. Volodymyr Institute Theatre


June 30th, 2016 – July 9th, 2016


What happens when a misunderstood, football-obsessed teenage boy meets an intelligent, caring teenage girl? It’s textbook stuff: they fall in love, they get married, and they resent each other. Zoey and Jake have been together since high school. In the aftermath of a traumatic event, Zoey struggles to have a baby while dealing with the one she married. (


Andrea Irwin Zoey (Present)
Andrew Knowlton Jake (Present)
Elizabeth Adams Zoey (Past)
Dylan Evans Jake (Past)

Creative Team

Nicole Hrgetic Playwright
Mani Eustis Director
David Beisel Lighting Designer
Sophie Moynan Set Designer
Deanna H. Choi Sound Designer
Deanna H. Choi Composer


Christine Luksts Stage Manager
Sophie Moynan Props Manager


Eric Read Venue Technician
Angeline St. Amour Venue Technician
Eric Read Festival Lighting Designer