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Falsettos ()

Produced by

Bowtie Productions

Lyricist: William Finn
Music: William Finn
Book: William Finn and James Lapine
Director: Meredith Shedden


The Annex Theatre


April 20th, 2024 – April 27th, 2024


A seamless pairing of March of the Falsettos and Falsettoland, two acclaimed Off-Broadway musicals written nearly a decade apart, Falsettos is the tale of neurotic New Yorker, Marvin, who leaves his wife Trina and young son Jason to live with his lover, Whizzer. Hilarious, heartbreaking and utterly unique, Falsettos is a contemporary musical about family, relationships, bar-mitzvahs, baseball and AIDS. (


Taylor Long Marvin
Randy (Lei) Chang Whizzer
Olivia Daniels Trina
Joshua Kilimnik Mendel
Max Goodman Jason
Luca McPhee Charlotte
Mona Hillis Cordelia

Creative Team

William Finn Lyricist
William Finn Music
William Finn Book
James Lapine Book
Meredith Shedden Director
Meredith Shedden Choreographer
Ethan Rotenberg Music Director
Robin Kadirgamar Set Designer
Robin Kadirgamar Prop Designer
Niall Durcan Lighting Designer
Veronique Beaudet Costume Designer
Forrest McAdam Sound Designer
Valentina Caballero Art Director


Ethan Rotenberg Conductor
Ethan Rotenberg Keys
Jonah Nung Synthesizer
Michael Ricciardi Soprano Sax / Alto Sax / Clarinet / Flute
Amiel Ang Percussion


Talfryn Quiring Stage Manager
Jenna Brown Assistant Stage Manager
Ian Kowalski Production Manager
Matthew Hallworth Technical Director
Ian Kowalski Producer
Veronique Beaudet Dresser
Deanna Mann Sound Consultant